Many of our clients are not local. During the entire planning and construction process, we strive to put the customer at ease with clear communication. We realize it can be difficult to try to build a home while living in another city or state. Therefore, we want our clients to know that they can rely on us for assistance from day one of the planning phase. Through phone conversations, email, and digital pictures, we strive to keep our client up to date with each phase of construction, no matter how far away the client may be. Once construction begins, our clients will be involved and kept well informed in every step of the building process.


We consider quality craftsmanship to be one of our top priorities. Over the years, we have built a relationship with an experienced team of designers, suppliers, and sub-contractors. This team works with quality materials and takes pride in their services. Cale’s experience in the field has given him the confidence to assure his clients that every home built will meet or exceed their expectations. Cale Johnson builds every home as if it were his own, with attention to detail and quality throughout every phase.


Our company takes pride in the diversity of the homes we build. We have built a variety of homes, and have provided home improvements for a variety of home styles. Whether it is a large estate home or a retirement home for just the two of you, Cale Johnson Construction, Inc. remains consistent in our dedication to quality.